Humble Pi Excel Template

Humble Pi Excel TemplateThe Humble Pi - a brilliant board, but hard on the eyes!

When I was planning on moving my Internet Radio from a breadboard to the Humble Pi prototyping board, I wanted to make sure I had everything mapped correctly. I really didn’t want the hassle of un-soldering parts just because my eyes went funny looking at all the pin holes.

Whilst it may not be the ‘proper’ way of doing things, I made myself an Excel template to help me plan where to put things on the Humble Pi board – like resistors and connecting wire, to try and make it as orderly as possible:

Humble Pi template in Excel

Mapping my radio with the template

Being able to see the GPIO breakout layout in front of you means you can make smarter decisions as to where to put resistors/switches etc. As a result, my radio build was much neater and made the whole process a lot easier:

Humble Pi project

Success! The template ensured my soldering was correct

I’ve uploaded my Excel template to DropBox – feel free to download it to help your project:

Dropbox – Humble Pi Template

I hope this has helped your project and assisted you in avoiding any kind of re-soldering mess! If you have any questions, just ask.

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