The FlexPi – A Wooden Case For The Raspberry Pi

The FlexPi – A Wood Case For The Raspberry PiThe FlexPi Raspberry Pi Case

I’ve gone a bit mad with cases lately, In fact I’ve gone a bit Pi mad altogether. Last week I took delivery of my fourth Raspberry, and this week I’ve taken delivery of my sixth RPi case – the FlexPi from

Unlike all my other cases that are made of some kind of plastic, the FlexPi is my first wooden case and really looks the part on my oak TV table. Today I’ll show you the features of the FlexPi, a video of me putting it together and info on where to buy one yourself.

Firstly, don’t worry about compromising any fun with the FlexPi. It comes through the post in a flat envelope and needs to be put together by the new lucky owner – something I always look forward to as I don’t think the Pi scene would be as fun if cases came pre-made. It’s easy to build, and is very sturdy thanks to the precision cut on the parts.

FlexPi main section

The main section which bends to form the body

As soon as you open the packaging you get an instant burst of that lovely freshly cut wood smell (birch). Inside, an A4 page of easy to follow instructions accompanies the parts, which comprises of the main section, 2 legs, 2 sides and a bag of nuts, bolts and washers. I chose the ‘Gunstock’ colour FlexPi to go with my furniture (thinking new media centre case to blend in).

Here’s a video of me putting it together:

Once you have it built with your beloved Pi inside, you notice a lot of attention to detail. Nearly every port is labelled either with text or an image. There’s even a “Made in USA” on the underside which reminds you this isn’t just another import from China. The raspberry cut out on the top acts as ventilation whilst also making the case look really smart as well.

FlexPi HDMI side view

The HDMI side of the case

FlexPi GPIO side view

The GPIO side

FlexPi SD slot view

Here’s where your SD and power go

FlexPi USB ports

USB and Ethernet ports readily available

Here’s one of my favourite parts of this case – the lightpipes. A clever piece of well-positioned plastic shows you what’s going on with the Pi via the onboard LEDs. I haven’t seen many cases with this and it’s a very nice touch, especially if you’ve corrupted a few SD cards from unplugging your Pi too soon.

FlexPi Light Pipes

The lightpipes keep you well informed

Overall impression – epic! It looks good, fits good, works good and even smells good. The guys over at have done a great job with the FlexPi. Recommended.

Want one? Here’s the linkFlexPi

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