ProtoPal – A New Prototyping Board for the A+ and B+ Raspberry Pi

The ProtoPal fitted to a B+ Raspberry PiThe ProtoPal fitted to a B+ Raspberry Pi

After receiving my new B+ and A+ Raspberry Pis, I have been looking for a simple, affordable and useful electronics prototyping board to make projects with.

I couldn’t find anything similar to what I had used before with my older Raspberry Pis, so I went ahead and designed my own! Introducing the ProtoPal Prototyping Board!

The ProtoPal follows the popular format for Raspberry Pi prototyping boards – a Pi-sized board that mounts on top of the GPIO, packed with prototyping space with power rails running through the centre. It’s very similar to my ProtoCam+ that is currently on Kickstarter.

Now I could have added more breakout sections, HAT compatible mounting holes, lots of branding etc – but I simply wanted to pack as much prototyping space into an A+ sized board as possible to make it useful for as many project types as I could.

The ProtoPal is cheap, simple, extremely versatile and very useful for all kinds of projects. Available now on eBay and Tindie.

Read on to find out more…

Here’s a short video showing you the board and assembly:

Fits the A+ and B+ Raspberry Pi
There’s a lot of prototyping boards out for the original Raspberry Pis. The ProtoPal fits the newer A+ and B+ models.
Front of the ProtoPal on a B+ Raspberry PiFront of the ProtoPal on an A+ Raspberry Pi Side of the ProtoPal on an A+ Raspberry Pi ProtoPal on an A+ Raspberry Pi

Breadboard Style Prototyping Area

The board is packed with a large breadboard style prototyping area covering the majority of the board. Holes are arranged mostly in 3’s which make it really easy to add components.

GPIO Breakout
The ProtoPal also has a full 40-pin GPIO breakout, and 2 power sections, meaning you have all the connections you need for your project.

Central Power Rails
2 central horizontal lanes (unconnected) are included, giving you the option to to connect 3.3v, 5v and/or ground connections for use with you project. Breadboard users will be familiar with this style of prototyping and will find it useful for connecting multiple components to the board.

The ProtoPal is the same size as the A+ Raspberry Pi, and fits both the B+ and A+ Raspberry Pi.

High Quality
The board has been made with ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) plating for an excellent connection.

Example Projects Coming Soon To This Blog!

  – Nokia LCD screen

  – Port Expanders

  – Clock / Number Display
  – Mini Breadboard

  – And more…!

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