The Short Crust Plus Raspberry Pi Case – Giveaway Competition!

Short Crust Plus Raspberry Pi CaseThe Short Crust Plus - a smart case, in a smart!

It’s about time I ran another giveaway competition, and what better way to do it than with a brand new product release!

This week I took delivery of some Short Crust Plus cases for the Raspberry Pi B+, from our friends over at You might remember back in June last year when I reviewed the original Short Crust – a classy little home for the original Model A and B Pis. 

With the new B+ released, the folks at Short Crust have been working on an updated version…and it’s just as swanky as the original!

I was a big fan of the first Short Crust due to its clever power relocation system and the stealthy tinted top panel, so I was pretty chuffed when asked if I’d like to give the new model a spin.

Here’s the best bit – Pi Supply (who distribute the case) have provided a case for me to give away as part of this blog post, so read on to find out how to win!

Let’s take a look at the latest crusty offering…

Crusty Video

Just to mix it up a bit I’ve decided to record a bit of an unboxing/assembly style video to show you around the new case:

Notable Features

As you’ll see in the video, Short Crust have upped their game with the packaging on their latest case design, which also includes the fitting instructions on the rear.

Fitting your Pi in the case involves no tools as everything is ‘snap in’. Part of this design method conceals your SD card within the case itself as well, which is really quite handy in terms of protection and security – and it’s easy to remove with the handy push-tab on the rear.

Short Crust Plus Top Section

That clip at the top lets you easily remove your Pi

Short Crust Plus Side View

The white version closely matc