Win a Raspberry Pi 2 with RS Components!

Raspberry Pi 2 from RS ComponentsWant to win this fresh Pi 2 from RS Components? I'm giving you two ways to win it!

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave this week, you’ll already know very well that the Raspberry Pi 2 has been released. With its all round faster specification available for roughly the same price as the last model, it was an instant hit!

It dominated the social media feeds of geeks across the globe, hit all the major (and minor) news networks, and sold out pretty much within the first day of release.

That last point is an interesting one…have you managed to get a Pi 2 yet? I was lucky enough to see the news announcement being posted from the Shard during my daily commute and frantically ordered mine on my phone.

If you weren’t quick enough to bag yourself a Pi 2 yet, don’t fear – the last report I read said they were making 20,000 a day to cope with demand.

However – There is another way to get yourself a Pi 2. You can win one right here in this blog thanks to my generous friends at RS Components and RS DesignSpark.

Read on to be in with a chance of winning!

What is a Pi 2?

Oh, so you have been in a cave? Well, lucky you I guess – it’s been a hectic week for geeks everywhere!

The Pi 2 is the latest model of Raspberry Pi to be released by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It boasts improved specs such as a faster quad-core processor and double the RAM compared to the previous version.

The clever part is that they’ve managed to fit all of this into a board the same size as the previous Pi, with exactly the same layout – and for the same price as the last model originally sold for!

All of this extra grunt still runs on the same power supply for the last Pi as well. Clever!

Where can I get one?

Good luck getting a Pi 2 this weekend – pretty much every store I’ve looked at is out of stock due to the insane demand. Just check out some of these tweets!

The Foundation are working hard to manufacture more units to ensure everyone can get their hands on the new little computer, with reports stating that Sony are pushing out 20,000 a day.

Until they’re back in stock…how about winning one? Read on my hombres…

Win a Pi 2!

I bet most of you just skipped to this part right?!

I previously wrote an article on how to design a PCB using the RS Design Spark PCB design tool, showing you how you can easily design and create your own PCBs for free with RS’ free software.

RS provided parts for a PCB giveaway back then, and they’re kindly offered to do something similar here too! Before they ran out of stock, RS kindly sent over a Pi 2 to give away to my readers.

Boxed Raspberry Pi 2 from RS Components

The RS Raspberry Pi 2 – ready to send to the lucky winner!

So…how can you win this little box of magic? There are two ways to enter, giving you double the chances to win!

Method 1: Twitter Entry

** Now Closed **

Simply tweet me at @AverageManVsPi using hashtag #AveragePi2 – or just click the button below:

Method 2: Subscriber Entry

** Now Closed **

If you’re a subscriber of this blog, you’re automatically entered for the competition as well. So get subscribed for another chance to win, plus more giveaway competitions coming soon:

(Subscribing sends you an email every time a new blog is posted and winner announcements for giveaways – nothing more)

I’ll announce the winner here on Tuesday 10th February 2015 around 20:00 GMT.

Good luck Pi People!

*** Update ***

Our lucky winner was Twitter entrant @swinders (Stephen Swindley). Well done Stephen – email is on its way!

Until next time…

14 Comments on "Win a Raspberry Pi 2 with RS Components!"

  1. Does adding a comment count as a third possible entry? I've got one RPI2, I need another RPI2.

  2. Thanks, folks!

    I'm very excited about the Pi2.
    Such an improvment!

  3. I need my first Pi2 🙁

  4. I already a subscriber 🙂

  5. I went to MCM Electronics early Monday morning to fill an order for some B+'s I got from the Cache Valley Raspberry Jam. I assumed that those who ordered the B+'s would prefer a Pi 2, so I ordered those instead, as well as one for myself. Fortunately I got the order in early enough…. it arrived yesterday. And everybody was happy with my choice to upgrade them!
    Only problem was due to the *massive* server load, MCM had crazy weird problems. My order somehow got duplicated a few hours later, without sending me any notification. By that point the Pi 2's were on backorder, so the sole B+ in the order was charged to my card and shipped out. I had no idea until the charge hit my bank account. Patty at MCM was great about sorting out the issue and getting me a refund and RMA though!
    The point of this long-winded post? MCM is great, I'm installing Raspbian on my Pi 2 as we speak, and I hope I win another one!

  6. I don't think so, but you never know. Surely your upside-down picture must count for an entry?

  7. That's what we like to see 🙂

    I'm planning a lot of giveaways this year for my subscribers, stay tuned!

  8. That's good customer service, bravo MCM.

    Hopefully you'll have the ProtoPal delivered soon to go with it. I sent it out this week so shouldn't be too long.

  9. It might be you James…Tuesday isn't too long away…

  10. It would be super nifty to win one! I've been following the Raspberry Pi sense before it was available for sell, but every chance I had to buy one they were either sold out or surprise bills and accidents sprang up. Just one question, are there any Linux Distro's geared specifically for education for this?

  11. Hi Shingy. I only ever really use Raspbian so I'm not sure if there's something more dedicated to education, however Raspbian should have all the educational tools you need.

  12. Well Average Man, just signed up for you blog. Not sure why I didn't know it existed and bad show on my part for missing the twitter entry 🙁 I must have been too distracted by tinkering with my backers shiny kickstarter protocam board. Shameful name dropping or product placement to get an advantage :-)… I cannot wait to get my hands on a RPi2B. Keep up the good work and inspiration.

  13. If I'm not mistaken this finished yesterday 🙁 Anyway good to get your blog and still waiting to get a RPi2B

  14. Hi James. Great to see a Kickstarter backer on here! Yes the Pi 2 has now gone off to our lucky winner Stephen, but there are more competitions coming this year. 2015 should have quite a few 😉


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