About Me

Hi! I’m Rich, and I write here at Averagemaker.com. I’m 32, live in sunny Southend-on-Sea with my wife and two noisy children, and work in the city of London.


Me and the boy (I have a little girl too, but hey, snooze you lose)

Why ‘Average Maker’?

Initially this started out as a Raspberry Pi blog, where I called myself the ‘Average Man’ as I felt that I kind of represented the thousands of average fellows out there who had decided to buy a Pi with zero prior knowledge.

That went from around 2012 – 2017, however early in 2018 I decided I wasn’t going to just be about the Raspberry Pi anymore. I was ready to start tinkering with other devices, and also wanted to share other things I was up to that all fell under the ‘maker’ category.

So, early in 2018, I moved from Average man to Average maker.

Why did you create this blog?

I started this blog to share what I learn as I make all sorts of different things – mostly with electronics.

I try to write things in a fun way, with the odd crap joke, but also in a way that can help others how to work things out. I try (but as a human – sometimes fail) to write things in a way that means anyone can read and understand them.

For me, a lot of the tutorials out there assume a lot of prior knowledge, or tend to blur over the detail. You will (should) find that any tutorials I write are detailed, slow paced and include everything you need for the specific project.

I take the best bits of what I research from around the web, figure out all the bugs and head-scratching moments – then put it together “Average” style.

I also write about things I’ve bought or been sent – add-on boards, accessories, cases, cables etc. I’m definitely a gear whore, no doubt about it!

Tell me something interesting about you…

When I’m not injured (seems to be happening a lot these days) I play ice hockey for a local recreational team. I have a shark-fin shaped scar on my hand, and really ugly feet.

How can I get in touch?

Take a look at the Contact Me page

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