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Raspberry Pi

ModMyPi Pi Zero Case

ModMyPi Raspberry Pi Zero Case

A small package arrived over the weekend, a redirection from my old address. Yes that £60 service from the Royal Mail is quite useful in…

ZeroSeg Lit

ZeroSeg 7-Segment Add-on Board

I recently released a new Raspberry Pi add-on board that I designed in conjunction with The Pi Hut – the ZeroSeg! I’ve been working with…

OSH Park Raspberry Pi Projects

9 OSH Park Raspberry Pi PCB Projects

Making PCBs is fun once you know how, but getting to that point can be a struggle. Most PCB design software has a steep learning…

Raspberry Pi robot arm project

Raspberry Pi Robot Arm with Analog Control

I’m one of those people who never really finished growing up. I can’t drink water without squash, I regularly forget family birthdays and I still giggle when…

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