Contact Me

As you read through my blog and try some of the stuff I’ve written about, you’ll no doubt get in a pickle at some point and need somewhere to turn.

Here’s a few ways to get in touch:

Google Search
When I have any trouble with anything, the first place I go to is GOOGLE! It’s the fastest source of knowledge and there’s always someone out there that has asked the same question before.

If you need help on something I’ve covered in a specific post, add a comment at the end. This will send me an email prompting me to reply, and also allow others to see our conversation which may answer their questions. I have a regular life to live, a family to see and other things to do, so be patient with me.

Failing those options, and if you want a reasonably fast response, the best place to contact me is Twitter. I should reply the same day, if not the same hour. You can find me at @Average_maker. I still have a day job to get on with though, so I may need to come back to you later if it’s a detailed question.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…
I’ve joined other social networks, and some of these are best suited to general interest and casual updates. Check the top right of the page for links.

Product Reviews
Want me to take a look at your new product? Please take a look at the product review terms page first, then contact me using the form below.

Send a Message
For any other enquiries such as events, advertising etc – please contact me using the form below:

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