Product Review Terms

Occasionally, companies and individuals approach me offering to send me their latest products to try out, share and/or write a product review.

This page details the terms of any product sent to me in this way, to ensure mutual understanding of what is and isn’t to be expected.

  • I try to keep a balance on my blog between articles of my experiences, how to articles and product reviews. A site full of reviews isn’t my aim, and probably wouldn’t be very popular.
  • Any product I am sent will usually have pictures, details and links posted to my social media accounts shortly after receiving them – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook usually. This is where I share my day-to-day activity and is a genuine place to share things that have been sent to me. Short n’ sweet.
  • I can’t guarantee I’ll write a blog post specifically about your product. Sometimes I do, but not always. I may find that in a few weeks I use your product as part of a project and may well get a ‘natural’ feature there.
  • I may not include it in a blog at all if I don’t find a fitting article.
  • I can’t guarantee that I’ll feature your product within any specific time frame. Like a lot of people, I have a young family to look after, so I don’t have a consistent amount of spare time available to guarantee any dates.
  • Any products sent to me are assumed not required to be returned unless stated otherwise.
  • If I do write a post featuring your product, I may give this away to a reader as part of a giveaway competition. This is usually good for product exposure and gives my readers something back (and generally makes the whole thing more fun). If you would prefer me not to do this, just let me know.
  • I may take your product to events that I attend. This could be as part of a product display or maybe even a project I’ve made with it.
  • I may break your product by mistake – be it static, impact or just losing the thing. Sorry, I can’t guarantee that won’t happen!
  • Sometimes, I might just not like your product! I’ll usually tell you and offer to send it back. I’d rather only review things I find interesting and worthwhile rather than write poor reviews.
  • Sometimes I just won’t have the ability to use your product – hence the name ‘Average Maker’. Usually, I’ll check out your product first before agreeing to accept it.
  • Lastly, I do offer advertising on my blog to help pay for the domain name, hosting and postage of giveaways to readers. Please email me for more information if you would like your product, store or service featured.

If you’re happy with everything above, give me a shout using the form below:

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