Raspberry Jam

Average man Stand at the Chelmsford Jam

The 2nd Chelmsford Raspberry Jam

Another week another Raspberry Jam. I made a promise to myself to attend more events this year and so far I’m well on track. I’ve attended…

1st Kent Raspberry Jam

The 1st Kent Raspberry Jam

At every Raspberry Jam I’ve been to I’ve always had a stand, table or just a handful of projects to show people. This usually leads…

10th Egham Raspberry Jam

The 10th Egham Raspberry Jam

Last week I drove to the other side of London to attend the 10th Egham Raspberry Jam. It’s the first time I’d attended this particular…

Croydon Raspberry Jam 2014

The Croydon Raspberry Jam

Croydon – famous for trams, Kate Moss and…being the only place in South London starting with “Croydo”… Ok there’s not a lot of famous facts…

Southend on Sea Raspberry Jam

The Southend-on-Sea Raspberry Jam

Yesterday I attended my first ever ‘Raspberry Jam’ in my hometown – the Southend-on-Sea Raspberry Pi Jam! I had seen a lot of reviews, blogs…

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